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The thing with Oliver is that he was a place and this person ciked the dor and hi woke up and went to eat and there was food for him. Oliver went to this place were there was a died person and he didn’t like it.


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Oliver was so hungry that he went up and ask for more. For example “he rose from the table” shows that he rose up fast. This kid tooled Oliver to go up and ask for more. They were very hungry that they were like wolves with new meat. He got in trouble for asking for more food.



Homework #2

  1. What do you know about Oliver thus far? Describe where he was born and the events surrounding his birth.That his mother died we he was born, the nurse was drinking wall Oliver was coming out. Were he was born was a tarible work place. His burth was bad he was cover by a derty and tarible towel or blancket.
  2. Based on what you have learned about the novel and Victorians, what do you think will happen to Oliver? Make sure you justify your answer by making reference to what you know about the novel and Victorians? That oliver will get very sick and he might die. He might get very intuble and olmost die.

first homework

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Danny Flynn


The thing that I do every day is that I get up and get my uniform on. Then I get my backpack  ready for school and then I get break fist then I go to my first class.Then I go to my other classes and and lunch and at the end of school we have sports.

  The things I learn is stuff in every class like in art we are doing stuff. Then in math we are going over fractions. In the others we are going over in science we are going over cells and other things. In your class we are going over bad and good work schools .

The thing I am contributing in classes is helping my student or asking question. Then in your class I am helping the student I am helping with the project. Like she is working on the school and I am working on the fun things that will make people stay and do work schools.

The focus I have on the computer is good I like to work on the computer. I work good with it.The effort that I can show is good.