reasons why war is horrific.

War is horrific in the “Anthem.”

1] “from these who die as cattle.”

2]” anger of the gun.”

3] “stuttering rifles ‘raped rattle.”

4]  “nor any voice of mourning save the choirs.”

5]  “what candles may be held to speed them all.”

6]  “Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.”

7] “And each show dusk a drawing-down of birds.”

That all have in comen is that it is bad and other things.


Anthem of doomed Youth questions

1. Reread the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ and the summary handout your completed in class.
2. In a blog post, answer the following questions. Write both the question and answer.
1. What are two examples of repetition the poem?
“Only the monsters anger of the guns.”
” Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattles.”
2. What are two examples of alliteration in the poem?
“Rifles’ rapid rattle.”
“drawing down.”
3. What is one example of emotive language in the poem?
 “sad shires.”
  ” goodbyes.”
4. What is one example of personification in the poem?
“What candles may be held to speed them all.”
“And each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds.”
5. What are two example of rhetorical questions in the poem?
“Not in the hands of boys but in their eyes.”
“The pallor of girls’ brown shall be their pall.”
6. What is one example of imagery in the poem?
‘The Passing bells.”
” a drawing down of blinds.”

Personification poem

The hollowing winds

with the colorful

snow flakes.

The snow flakes danced when

they met the hard ground.

Then the snow soldiers creeped to join

the others.

They all pounced on the tree

wile they are eating the cold.

When they were coming down

they were staggering

down the hall.

They were going

to but instead they

were melting into water.

Poetry Teckniques

1.” Down the close, darkening lanes’

Why was the imagery used? Imagery was used here to make the reader imagine the horrible place where and soldiers were. It seems miserable.

2. “And lined the train with face grimly gay’

Why was oxymoron used? Oxymoron was used because it had to be us. It also had to be us to explain it also.

3.”Their breasts were stuck all white with wreath and spray’

Why was imagery used? Imagery was used because

Blog Title: Description in the Poem ‘To the Warmongers’ by Siegfried Sassoon

What is ‘To the Warmongers’ about and what effect does the poem have on the reader?

The poem ‘To the Warmongers’ is a poem about death and when after the war you can see death.The poem uses numerous descriptive images to make war seem that it is very bad to go to the war.Of the many examples found in the poem, I believe that the line “I’m back again from hell”is the most descriptive line because if you family member had friends in war with you and they die you would risk you life to kill the people they killed your friend. Additionally, the line “And horrors from the abyss. This line is horrifying because that many solders die and love ones can die as well. It makes the reader fell dad about war. Overall, I thought that the poem really makes me fell said because that could happen to my cousin.I do not want to see my cousin in the ground and my family on my mom side very sad and mad.


The Young Harry Jones


Dear Harry,

I am writing you this letter as the older you. I want to warn you about the war. It is not what it seems. You’re going to think that it is hard and that it is going to make you be a man.But really it is not true.In the war you’ll see that it is hard, dangerous, and bloody.It will make you feel scared and you will see people died.

So, I am begging you. Please don’t go to the war. It will not forgive my self if you die and that it will make family and friends and people that you fought with be very sad.

Sincerely, Older Harry