Blog Title: Description in the Poem ‘To the Warmongers’ by Siegfried Sassoon

What is ‘To the Warmongers’ about and what effect does the poem have on the reader?

The poem ‘To the Warmongers’ is a poem about death and when after the war you can see death.The poem uses numerous descriptive images to make war seem that it is very bad to go to the war.Of the many examples found in the poem, I believe that the line “I’m back again from hell”is the most descriptive line because if you family member had friends in war with you and they die you would risk you life to kill the people they killed your friend. Additionally, the line “And horrors from the abyss. This line is horrifying because that many solders die and love ones can die as well. It makes the reader fell dad about war. Overall, I thought that the poem really makes me fell said because that could happen to my cousin.I do not want to see my cousin in the ground and my family on my mom side very sad and mad.



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