Adverb Writing- Pan’s Labyrinth

Ofelia placed the egg timer down and timidly walked throughout the room. She poorly judged the danger. Quickly, she reached her hands to the table and grabbed some round, plump and wet grapes. She ate them and the scary thing took the eyes and shoved them in each hand. He gracefully got up and the fairies was trying to warn her but it was too late she turned around. The fairies was trying to distract the monster but he caught the two fairies and went for the head and destroyed them. It was sadly late for those bravely fairies to survive. While that hungrily, wrongly monster was eating she was running fast to stay safe from the monster.The room that she was running through was dark and that something was coming for her. Then suddenly that bloody monster was wattling down the dark hall. She was puling out a peace of chock and it Brock and she had to quickly hurry to get into her wonderful dark room. The white monster was so close to get her but it was to late she made it.



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