Homework #4

1. Dickerson views Victorian society as very black and white because the poor were bad and the rich were nice. An the environment where people fell into stereo types.

2. I think about these characters that some are very nice but some are very mean and others are in the middle. They treat Oliver nice, mean, and in the middle. Mr. Brownlow is very nice because he brought a stray boy into his house and gave him food,water, better close, made him feel better and trusted him. Nancy is nice to Oliver because she didn’t think that the dog had to hurt or kill Oliver. Another is that he said to Oliver befor they went to see bill.  Bill Sykes is very mean to Oliver because he wanted the dog to go and attack Oliver. Another thing is that he was thretened him with a gun to his face, and made him stell some things from mr.Brownlow’s house. Mr.Sykis shot at Oliver and tryed to through him into the water and leave him to die what a bad person.The last person that I am taking about is Todd Cracket he is mean and kinda nice. The thing that makes him nice is that he didn’t drop Oliver on the mudy streat and let him die. The mean thing is that he made I think oliver tyr to robb that house or that was Sykis.

3. Mr.Brownlow is a charecter in Oliver Twist that his is a very nice person. He trustes Oliver with respect and trustes him. I know this because he trusted him with the books and the money to give the book person the books back and the money.




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